Saturday, June 12, 2010


arisaema fargesii nuzzlling...irresistible echinacea 'tiki torch'
southern magnolia with petals like a magnetic field around the ornate pistil... worth a closer look?
the back of the cuddling arisaemas...
the potager... so far a great year for the tomato plants, i hope it holds up... corn is small yet in the foreground, i just planted cabbages & parsnips in the upper left corner where the spinach was. everything is going pretty well so far... and the deer haven't made too many visits to the rest of the garden.
the champagne currants look ripe under their net, but have not sweetened at all... they should be good by july 4th...
this one in the 'cat bird seat' is watching me photograph the arisaema from the dogwood in the front shade garden...

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sophie munns said...

Elegant - that first one...for some reason reminds me of someone dressed to the nines for a day at the races or an elegant garden party Em. So striking it is...and then there's the magnolia... also so majestic.
Champagne currants...yes please. Little beauties they are.
hope you are having a lovely weekend Em... we have a long weekend of 3 days and its cold and fairly quiet with many away from the weekend.
I'm madly painting for a group show opening next week - so Im have a quite pleasant quiet time trying to paint on the back veranda. Its a little too cold now the sun is hidden behind the clouds!