Sunday, July 26, 2009


my hubs took 7th out of 151 in his over 50 age group today in the nyc triathlon. we don't know the overall race results yet. terrific job! go hubs! it was a muggy 84 in the city today, yet about 3000 people competed. here's a shot of the beginning of the run, at 72nd street looking west towards our favorite airplane landing strip, the hudson river...for those interested in the details... hub's overall time was 2:20:35, his swim was 17 minutes, his average bike speed was 21 mph and his average running speed was 7:27 per mile.


Kerri said...

I'm surprised your hubby is in the 'over 50' age group.
He did good! :)

em said...

kerri, he just arrived in that group... i've been there for a while! thanks for the comment!