Saturday, June 27, 2009


last night, our little sleepy ny village was transformed into santa barbara (!!!) for an unamed film to star meryl streep, alec baldwin and steve martin. facades, lights, and plants were added to give our zone 6 environs a more zone 10 feel. there was a also spectacular sunset...
this crane hovered above with sprinklers to add a rain-effect (not that necessary this June, with our record 9 inches of rain so far.)
the building at right is a dentist's office, transformed into a restaurant, it's drab brick facade covered with tiles. the restaurant at left was kept somewhat as is, but the plants really class it up.
here is the "restaurant" with the rain effect being tested. does it feel like santa barbara?
here is everlasting proof that our "slices" pizza place is actually in santa barbara!!!
here's what the sky looked like... they shoot was scheduled to start at 11pm, with just merly streep. i didn't stick around to watch. who says our town isn't exciting?


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Hey, that's cool. I stumbled across John Travolta making a movie in Niagara-on-the-Lake years back–same thing–transforming a little town into something it wasn't (in this case it was a 1950s inspired town.)

I want one of those rain machines fro my garden!

em said...

jim, yes in a dry year it would be great! thanks for the comment!