Sunday, June 14, 2009


we've no lack for water this june! it's also cool, but i'm not complaining. just let me know when you get tired of the droplet photos... like this one... if you make this photo bigger, you can see the tiny droplets on the grass flowers like crystals on a chandelier...
im excited that echinacea 'sundown' is just starting to bloom in the potager. the bugs are not helping.
arisaema fargesii is just blooming in the woodland garden...
clematis 'roguchi' dots the fenceline...
viticella clematis 'etoile violet' drapes on the fence not far from 'roguchi'
woo hoo, i have a fox glove blooming in the messy north garden! what a surprise!
this pot has been a disappointment - i ordered salvia 'hot lips' but little of the white variegation is present in these 3 plants. colocasia 'black magic' is behind the salvia, but not tall enough to show yet.
again, lantana 'patriot dsert sunset'
another container i put together recently. snoopy loves the grasses.


Kerri said...

I never get tired of 'droplet' photos :) Nothing looks prettier than the tiny jewels of water sparkling on a blossom or leaf.
I love those blue pots!
You have some real beauties blooming and your photos are a real treat, as usual. I'd love to take a stroll through your garden and have you point out all the blooms in person :)
I'm not finding much time for blogging lately and am missing my blog friends.
The rain has been good but it's impossible to keep up with everything! Can't believe June is half over already.

em said...

kerri, thanks for the comment! yes, i went through a 'blue pot' phase. then a 'green pot' phase, etc. now i have many different colored pots! kerri, next time you are visiting family in nyc, please stop by! i'd love to meet you in person!