Saturday, March 07, 2009


today was unseasonably warm for early march, 68 F (20 C) and everyone enjoyed the weather.
there were bees on the species crocus!
gonna get me some pollen!
the clump...
the snowdrops unfurled...
i used luna to clear the canada geese from the local track; here she is returning to me, banking a turn at a gallop... she's incredibly efficient clearing the geese (goose poops are considered a nuisance on the track.)
hubs and i started building the potager... (more tomorrow, weather permitting.)
earlier in the week, when it was below freezing, the dogs sat touching each other (dau's photo.)
and i made cupcakes from a mix that came with dots (did you know cupcakes have belly buttons? well, mine do.)


Anonymous said...

Your photos are magnificent- the bee with a hint of pollen is my favorite.

em said...

anon, thanks for the superb comment!

Kerri said...

I must've been reading your posts at night when I was half asleep...and too tired to comment :)
My crocus are still just little spikes of leaves.
Yours are so lovely.
As are the beautiful doggies :)