Monday, March 23, 2009


when your husband comes home from work and lugs dirt into your potager without you even asking.


Tatyana said...

Well said. I need to show your post to my husband.

Tatyana said...

I showed your post to him and he BLUSHED! Because today, when I was digging he was watching basketball. Thank you, sister!

Anonymous said...

It's really shaping up, Ellen. I'm looking forward to eating some of those greens and lettuces,not to mention the other veggies. Love, Mom

Sue said...

That's a beautiful area! I tried to click to see if it would enlarge, but it didn't. How big is the area? It looks like you had a lot of seeds there.

My husband took our grandson to my parents' Saturday afternoon so I could garden, and on the way back, filled my gas tank.

They can do nice things sometimes!

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your potager! I have one that is the lazy, cheap cousin of yours. Yours will be gorgeous.

Speaking as a husband, we'd do anything for our wives that gets us what we want. That being, their undying respect, of course.

em said...

tatyana, thanks for the comments, anything i can do to help!

mom, thanks! the lettuce are just coming up today.

sue,it's about 23 feet square. i don't understand why some photos in blogger will enlarge and others won't! thanks for the comment.

jim, i've actually heard that some men have ulterior motives! they are just after our tomatoes!

Kerri said...

What, you didn't think he cared? ;)
(Yes, he's a sweet hubs) :)
Your potager is turning out beautifully, Em. That's quite an enthusiastic project.
We thawed out today with beautiful sunshine and warm temps.
I worked at the nursery this morning and then in my garden this afternoon.
Sheer bliss!

em said...

kerri, thanks! yes, hubs loves me, but i am especially aware when he makes such an effort! yes, isn't spring just bliss!