Sunday, August 24, 2008


rats! my daughter has 2 new 'dumbo' rats, tanzy and maria. this is maria... these rats are astonishingly friendly.
brugmansia 'cypress gardens' continues to amaze with over 20 flowers when i took this photoosteosperamumbatwing begonia 'maculata var. wightii' looks so happy this summer - i love the spots!


Kerri said...

Wonderful whites! I love that batwing begonia with the spots. How beautiful!
That white rat is actually pretty :)
Summer is fading so fast. I don't want it to be over!! Wah!

JGH said...

I've heard that rats make great pets -looking forward to hearing more about Tanzy & Maria!

That begonia is stunning. I also love that spider photo.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of Tanzy. I had so much fun meeting them in person! Thanks for your hospitality yesterday! I wish the Cypress Gardens was blooming then. :(


em said...

kerri, thanks for the comments! i'm getting used the the rats... slowly!

jgh, the rats are really friendly, but they still skeeve me sometimes. thanks for the comments!

sis, please have the rats over to visit you anytime! :-) you're welcome, too, we had fun.

Wicked Gardener said...

My aunt-in-law was just talking about a great white daisy with a purple center last night and I was clueless. Now I can email her that it is an osteosperamum and pretend I spent the whole evening looking for it!

em said...

thanks, wicked!