Sunday, August 03, 2008


brugmansia 'cypress gardens' with mature and immature flowers... the tropical fragrance is overwhelming in the eveningallium contrasted with immature flowers of sedum 'autumn joy'
hydrangea 'limelight'


Kerri said...

I have brugmansia/purple trumpet but it's still small and not nearly as impressive as yours. I'd love to be able to smell that tropical fragrance.
We planted a Hydrangea 'Limelight' last year. It's a pretty one.
Your lilies are gorgeous. I'd be devastated if the deer ate my flowers and buds! I feel for you.
Wish I had time to comment on all your pics, but just let me say I've thoroughly enjoyed them all. It was great to see those long shots of your garden. I love the Crepe (spelling?) Myrtle!

Di DeCaire said...

I prefer the brugmansia that dangle, very nice, and also purchased a Limelight hydrangea last year which evokes a certain delicate charm.

Wicked Gardener said...

You are in NY and your brugmansia is gorgeous and I'm Florida and can't get one to grow. What's wrong here? Do you have it in a pot? How big? Any tips for me?

em said...

kerri, thanks for the comment! my pink brug does not bloom as often - it really is that cypress gardens is proliferous! thanks for the comment!

di, thanks for the comment! wow, those limelights really get big! i'm glad i have one.

wicked, i keep mine in a big pot and water it every day - in the summer. thanks!