Sunday, October 05, 2014


finally i'm posting this summer's photos... august...

the new tomato bed on the south side of the house 

entrance to the potager

brugmansia did well this year

fancy portulaca, which was a bright spot in the summer heat

colton posing in front of a harvest

we were gone for a week in summer; here's the harvest
we had so many tomatoes that i roasted & froze 4 dozen and gave away lots

the night blooming cereus usually blooms around my birthday in late august

sunflowers did well this year, though everything was late

i'm fond of this color combination

you can see the potager thinning out here in september

the nasturtium grew up the fence

annual salvia and zinnias in the center of the potager

the lespedeza had a nice show, despite the dry weather
good bye, summer!


RobinL said...

Our tomatoes did terrible this year, but oh the green beans! I couldn't even keep up with them. Note to self, plant less!

Rosey Martinez-Weber said...

Hi what do you do to till your boxes at the end of the planting season? Do you rototill ?

em said...

Hi Rosey, I dig up the beds, turn over the soil,add compost, peat and lime, and mix. Sometimes my husband will take pity on me and help. I think the boxes are a bit small for a rototiller, maybe not worth the bother. Thanks for visiting GF!