Sunday, October 09, 2011


echinacea 'tiki torch' delicately sizzles on this hot october day

female sparrow portrait

hydrangea 'blue wave' glows in the late-day sun

the culprit! i caught her in the act of making holes in my house!

you can see the holes along the eaves... the painter said i would have to cut back the crepe myrtle so he can get better access... i removed about 4 feet of branches, leaning out the windows with a tree pole to get it all.  the result: 

my neighbor who removed the tree is getting a new roof.  wow, do these guys work hard.

guess who came to dinner?  the garden is decimated.

here's the square garden, with the mums just starting to bloom, and the camellia wrapped in chicken wire to deter the deer.  i have enough deer poo to shovel it into the compost heap.

in the square garden...

the little impatiens i bought has turned a pretty color...

the potager. what a mess, but still producing tomatoes!  best producer this year: cherokee purple.

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Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Em,

Wow, the photo of the Cone Flower is stunning!! Such gorgeous colors! And I love the sweet sparrow portrait. Sorry to hear that the deer and woodpecker are making such a mess of things!