Sunday, August 15, 2010


i'm almost looking forward to fall. we've had a break in the heat, but still need significant rain to overcome the drought. i've only been watering the potager and new plantings. here's a gloriosa daisy about to be glorious...the helenia 'mardi gras' has a new flush of blooms, redder than the first...
one teddy bear sunflower survived to flower, and it's worth the trouble...
last fall we hacked back this crepe myrtle, and it appreciated the effort, growing larger than ever. few people in our town grow these, as global warming has recently made them work here. this is the south side of our house.
here's the crape myrtle from the deck right above. you can see the grass dying on the left, where i don't bother watering. the square garden is on the right.
brugmansia 'pink beauty'
the potager. i have more tomatoes, green beans, rainbow chard and kale than a family can eat. the cukes have taken a break, thank goodness. looks like i'll have some corn and a large number of butternut squashes. i need to get out and plant more lettuce.


sophie munns said...

I just discovered your flickr site Em...I am slow!
lovely to see all the blooms in your gardens and another visitor...I really laughed at your wonderful Katydid post.
The teddy bear sunflower Ive never seen before... very cute. Drought in your neck of the woods?
After that cold snowy winter that is hard for me to get my head around.
Change of painting was a surprise hey... back to seeds for the rest of the year ....
have a wonderful week Em...keep cool!

Kerri said...

Yes, it's been shades of an Aussie summer! We've enjoyed the temps lately though. Much better! Your August blooms are glorious indeed!
I love the gloriosa blooms as they're about to open.
Must plant helenia! Love those petals and the colors!
Oh my, your crape myrtle is glorious! :)
And the pink brugmansia takes my breath away. So beautiful!
So glad you've had a good tomato year. So have we. What a relief, eh?
We've had plenty of veggies too, but the beans didn't sprout well..both plantings. We have 3 plants with tiny bean just coming on :)
Happy August Em!