Sunday, August 29, 2010


ok, i know i haven't been around... my 5 .5 year old computer bit the dust and now i'm finally back with a new one. tonight i took some photos... of rose 'heritage' glowing...shy gloriosa daisy...
peas growing on the compost heap...
hubs took a photo of the osprey, which was back for just one morning (with a fish...)
the japanese anemones survived our mini-drought...
and the potager, in it's late august decadence... i have had to prematurely pick some butter nut squash because the squirrels are noshing. plus, the squirrels are now beheading the sunflowers! what nerve. i'm still producing kale, rainbow chard, tomatoes and green beans. i just replanted lettuce and carrots, which are coming up happily. i made a squash soup with two of the butternuts, which was pretty good considering they were not fully ripe.


Sophie Munns said...

the Potager is looking wonderful Em!
Had to laugh...your wording in this post was a lot of fun. Glad to hear you are now proud owner of a new fun when the old one is not accessible any more!
The shy daisy was delightful!
well ...may you see many moors out with the new 'puter!!!
have a grwat week!

Connie said...

I have( and love) Heritage Rose, as well.
Wonderful blue, blue sky in the osprey photo! Your potager is lovely, as always. It has such good 'bones' looks good in every season.

Kerri said...

So sorry to hear of the demise of your old computer, but glad you have a new one to play with!
Your Heritage looks a lot like my Queen Elizabeth, which is blooming beautifully at the moment.
Laughing at your "shy gloriosa" :) I thought of you the other day as I took a pic of a gloriosa bud about to become glorious :) I love their fascinating buds!
My J. Anemones are a mass of pink flowers, buds and bees at the moment. Lovely! It's been very dry here as well.
There's always something to fight the veggies for, isn't there? Powdery mildew has overtaken our daughter's squash/pumpkin crop and late blight took all her beautiful tomatoes. But she did get a good crop for a while there. Our toms down by the house still look healthy but I'm not holding my breath.
I do need to get busy and post some pics to show what the garden is doing. Thanks for the encouragement :)
Your potager is a credit to you.