Saturday, May 09, 2009


joe joe by the dwarf apple espalier, with camassia, at south side of house
garden visitor, a garter snake (as a reference, pavers are 4 x 8)
our dogwood in front of neighbor's red maple
woodland garden at the front of the house
the wild, wooly, needs-weeding north garden


Kerri said...

It's lovely to see your gardens, and Joe Joe. All looking gorgeous :) That dogwood is magnificent, especially against the red maple.
And the tree peony is fantastic. What a color!
I tried to leave a comment this morning on the post about the visit to your brother's, but our internet was cutting out.... has been all week, and so I came back to check and see if it went through. It didn't, but this time I was successful. We had a couple of wild thunderstorms here this afternoon.

Kerri said...

I forgot to tell you that I photographed a little garter snake today too :) They're cute, aren't they? (as long as I'm not too close).

em said...

hi kerri, thanks for the comments! we seem to have many garter snakes this year, dunno why. this one was pretty quick and difficult to photograph!