Sunday, May 17, 2009


one of the nice things about columbines is how they self-sow all over. but first, immature blueberries, for yolanda elizabet of bliss...
mixed columbine of 'nora barlow' type
'nora barlow' columbines, red and blue
the white columbine mom gave me for mother's day. thanks, mom!
another mixed columbine that has sprung forth
the halesia carolina 'silverbell' tree, last week


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Thank you for the blueberries, yours are much further along than mine. It's the first year I'm growing them so I'm pretty curious as to how they develop.

Love your columbines and I think it great fun that we have many of them in common even though we are thousands of miles apart!

em said...

YE, thanks for the comment... the birds here really eat the blueberries quickly... so i've just covered some of mine with netting.

yes, it's always so interesting to see plants and butterflies we have in common!

Miss M (InfG) said...

I've been contemplating your blog these last few days (from Day 1) (You've probably noticed the traffic feed ? Lol. Sorry!)

I'm speechless. You have so much variety ! Everything is simply spectacular and your new potager is to die for.

I also love all your photos. Speaking of which, this post's fantabulous pics aren't linked to the high res originals. I gotta see them ! I love columbines.

Please consider updating the links. They're too lovely not to.

Miss M (InfG) said...

Hello em,

In re to your question about the links :

I notice, in blogger, when you move pics around, the links don’t always follow. When uploading an image to a post, Blogger sets a standard size depending on size chosen (small, medium, large). On most templates, large will be 400px and blogger will code this new smaller version of the original with a s400. (You’ll notice this in image link. The s400 appears right before the image name at the end. FYI, deleting the s400 part of the code from the link will revert to original pic).

A quick way of restoring the links: get image link (via properties). Insert it as image link (via link button tool) without the s400 part.

Hope this helps.

em said...

miss m, thanks for your help. i have removed the s400 part of the link, and i hope that works. i've always wondered why some of my pics won't open! now i know. blogger doesn't make it easy to move photos around, so i have to plan my posts ahead of time. thanks again for your help!