Saturday, February 28, 2009


ever wonder what's happening in your garden while you're slaving away at work? our investigative reporter, aka my daughter home from school with mono, photographed the shameful evidence:
please note the deer on the steps, ensuring that yew can be decimated top to bottom...
i remember this doe last summer, with her twin fawns skipping down the road like school kids, now look how they've grown!  my how big you are... the better to munch your garden!


Kerri said...

Oh deer! I feel for you, Em. Bold, aren't they?They're pretty though :)
Your daughter is a good picture taking detective :)
I hope she feels better soon. Mono is a bummer, and seems to strike that age group.
I found tiny snowdrops with buds forming today. It may be sunny, but it's still freezing outside.

Anonymous said...

All right, they may be lovely, but that's too close for comfort! Shoo, go away deer!

Marie said...

They are beautiful, but I don't want them in my garden...

The sheep on my post is an very old norwegian breed called "wild sheep". They are half the size of an ordinary sheep. They are not wild, but they have the "wild instinct". They live outdoors in the winter fed with hay by the farmer if there is much snow. They takes very good care of their lambs.

(I hope you can understand this...)

em said...

kerri, thanks again, my most loyal commenter! dau is better now, thanks. hope it is warmer by you now.

msrobin, thanks for the sentiment!

marie, thanks for the info on the sheep. they looked very different than sheep i have seen before. your english is very good and easy to understand. i'd like to see the lambs!