Sunday, October 12, 2008


after planning for a year, homecoming week has finally arrived. since i'll be travelling, and not blogging, here's an extra long post celebrating my school colors, purple and white (and everything is blooming purple and white right now anyway.)  here is luna's reaction to "treat!"
echinacea seed head framed by mum - looks like the death star?
i'm a bit surprised this montana daisy is reblooming!
fall blooming alliums explode! (well, you get the idea.)
ok, so you know i've been working really hard and gardening not so much.  i decided to let wild asters take over the south border to "fill in." who knew i would get such a lovely lavendar froth around my japanese stewartia tree!
water lily colchicum have been battered by the rain, but are still startling in the front shade garden. 
japanese anemone continue to bloom in their delightfully imperfect way.
fuzzy bright purple aster! go wildcats go!  ( i'll try to get some pictures at northwestern.)


Yolanda Elizabet said...

How adorbale your Luna is and such lovely pics of your plants. :-)

em said...

thanks so much, YE!!!

Kerri said...

Luna has an adorable face. Love this picture!
Your wild asters look lovely. I always enjoy the fields of wild asters we have around here in late summer and autumn. Wonderful flowers that take care of themselves!
You have some beautiful blooms! Or maybe 'had' - are they gone now?

em said...

kerri, thanks! the asters are a bit faded, but still persist!