Sunday, October 26, 2008


another site we enjoyed in our homecoming visit was the bahai temple in wilmette. one of only seven bahai temples in the world, this one can be seen for miles in relatively flat illinois. if you look it up in google earth, you can see the star shaped gardens surrounding the temple.  intricate and impressive on the outside, in comparison the inside seems small and plain.chicago is famous for its outdoor art. the pieces shown below are all in small, a walkable area. here is a portion of a dubuffet statue, framing a church steeple. 
this fountain was dyed for halloween. note the large picasso sculpture in the background.
"hey mom, they are roasting pigeons!" my daugther exclaimed when she saw the pigeons huddling for warmth around the soldiers' eternal flame.
a serenity seeker, perhaps, at the chagall mosaic.
the famous calder sculpture, with a wonderfully contrasting background.


Marie said...

Great post! Beautiful photos!

em said...

marie, thanks so much!

Kerri said...

Looks like you had a great time in Chicago. There's some fantastic art work there. Love that cloud gate!
That's an impressive building.
Beautiful gardens too. Thanks for sharing the sights :)

em said...

kerri, thanks!