Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm thinking of replacing the old swing set, which nobody uses, with a formal square vegetable garden:
The light green areas are for the vegetables, in the center would be an obelisk trellis, and the whole thing would be deer fenced, so I could even have tulips! Below is my entire little plot; the proposed vegetable garden would be where the SWINGS are:

I'm open to suggestions, anyone have a better idea?


Melanie said...

I say go ahead and do it! What a nice garden design. Oh...and I'm loving the bird photos too...oh and one more thing, I love wave hill!

em said...

Melanie, thanks for the comment. Ah, you have seen wave hill, maybe i'm not the only blogger around here.

i'm not sure i can build the garden right now, due to the economy and my daughter's balking at losing the swing set! i may have to wait another year, but i'm sure i'll blog about it.