Saturday, February 09, 2008

Luna's Adventure

Yesterday, while in the woods with the dogs, Luna took off after some deer and did not return. Thinking she ran off, which is not like her, I got the car and searched the periphery of the woods for miles, starting at the dreaded parkway. I didn't find her. I returned to the area I last saw her, near an elementary school, where some little boys heard me calling her. They told me a little white dog was stuck in an abandoned house foundation in the woods. They led me to her, and she was trapped in a 20 foot square, 7 foot deep foundation. I climbed down and got her out; she shivered in the car the whole way home. I will post a picture of the pit, and of the poodle chasing the deer, soon. Meanwhile, the jasminium nudiflorum is blooming on the south side of the house!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor Luna! What if those little boys had not told you where she was???


Anonymous said...

yes, i was exceedingly panicked by the whole thing, as i had only another hour and a half before dark. i knew i had to get back to the woods when school let out, as kids are great at finding things. i like to think that I would have found her myself, since the foundation pit was not far from the edge of the woods, and perhaps she would have barked when i called. and she might have been able to dig a hole in the leaves and survive the night, since it was so warm then.

well, she has been keeping closer to me since then. i'm thinking of getting a gps tracking collar for her, but they are expensive.