Saturday, February 09, 2013


across the street before the plows

colton posing, warm in his coat

cute and blurry

working together

harry lauder walking stick

south fence line view

neighbors working together

shrouded tree

the potager

luna supervises from the window... snow ziggurat in the making... snow is too fluffy, we'll work on it again later...


Kerri said...

Hi Em,
Looks like you got enough snow to keep you and hubs busy for a while! We only have about 6 inches....we were lucky this time. Sun is shining brightly now and everything is beautiful outside.
Your photos are beautiful, as usual. Your garden is lovely, even under snow.
Colton is obviously enjoying helping with the activities :)
I'm reminded that I owe you an e-mail...from December! Sorry to be so slow. I meant to write back straight away, but my mind was apparently distracted by the busy season. I'll remedy that soon!
Enjoy your snow! xox

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Ah, the potager is lovely in its blanket!! All the best...

RobinL said...

A mere foot of snow? Piece of cake, ha ha! Seriously, I'm sure you were glad to miss the worst of it. You have to admit that all of that white makes the world look so fresh and clean.

Sophie Munns said...

wow... love these images Em... hope you are keeping warm!