Sunday, June 03, 2012


colton update: 30 pounds, adult teeth coming in.

and have i been digging?

you bet, puppy see, puppy do!

rose 'heritage' is blooming profusely, where the deer haven't eaten it

little vase my hubs gave me a while back

clematis 'julia correvon' has skinny petals this year

between the roses, foxglove and chamomile, enough flowers to cut!

clematis 'king fisher' continues to bloom strongly

california poppy

ok, i really have to watch verbena bonariensis, as it has self sown everywhere!

white iris my brother gave me

the potager... tomatoes are in, everything is up. today i was spreading the sweet peet, but had to stop due to rain. ergo, colton's digging. 

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Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Such an exquisite rose! So do you have a theory as to why the clematis has narrow petals this year?