Saturday, March 12, 2011


we've had around 6 inches of rain this week... march has come in like a tiger... witch hazel "diane" below...

i've started trapping squirrels in the potager and have relocated 5 the past week. perhaps i'm just trying to drain the ocean, but it's that or cover every vegetable in the garden.  

joe joe standing by the small retaining wall that collapsed this winter. we just relocated the pieris today.

species crocus - the next day, the deer ate them.

i finally planted some double snow drops...

japanese coral bark maple (sangu kaku) drips in front of the neighbor's shed...

the saw mill river parkway, flooded for half a mile in each direction, yesterday. it is passable today. like nothing compared to japan, right?


Sophie Munns said...

Gorgeous pics Em! The flooding missed your place I gather... Im rushing out the door (dentist) wllreturn to view you garden asap... exciting time of year at your place when all is starting to wake up and come back to life!
And yea... Japan is such a sad story!

Kerri said...

I hope you're successful relocating the squirrels. We have one little guy entertaining us lately. We love watching him/her (?) but sure hope he doesn't bring his friends :) It usually doesn't take long for the cats to chase them away (or worse).
Oh, those darn deer! The crocuses were so lovely before they became deer fodder.
Love that double snowdrop! And the coral bark beautiful with the raindrops.
My heart breaks for Japan. It's impossible to fathom such devastation. Those poor people!
We have rain today but the past 2 days were great for gardening. Sure feels good to get out there!