Sunday, January 16, 2011


yet another large snowfall, this one over a foot
 i took these in the morning
 the bald cypress still has leaves clinging
 curly larch
 potager... i especially like the small spruces in the center, totally coated with snow
 up the street
  down the street
 the nj palisades
joe joe snuggled inside


Anonymous said...

Joe Joe has the Goo life Em!
the snow looks wonderful ...hard to fing your car under all that..... you must miss the garden ...I guess these pretty images make up for it somewhat...and give you a breather between garden projects and all that hard work.
What do you do when the winters in full swing?...knit? Cook? Read?
lad to say we're seeing the sun again after 6 weeks of rain and the resulting troubles.

Anonymous said...

Good life... it should read ...silly spelling mistake... sorry!

Kerri said...

I saw that you got socked again. I'm so glad you took pics of the last storm to share with us :) They're so beautiful!
The potager looks so pretty and yes, the little spruces look like cute little points.
I especially love the 'up the street' pic. Gorgeous!
Hope you didn't have to drive in it.
Joe Joe's color fits so well with your snow photos :)
Hope you took more pics of yesterday's storm.