Sunday, October 24, 2010


harvested my meager beets (and 1 parsnip!) we're having them for dinner tonight.
purpley sunset today
the potager... there are 4 more tomatoes and it should be warm enough to ripen them this week.


mary ann said...

I noticed the same purpley sunset out of my kitchen window. Pretty, wasn't it? My Dutch bulb order came on Friday but I've yet to get them in the ground. I did make up a garden plan before I ordered them so the only thing needed is a shovel and some time.

Gloria Freshley said...

Wow! The beets with that sunset -- perfection! And four tomatoes left -- with the possibility of ripening?? Lucky you! I harvested a large bowl's worth of green and "blushing" tomatoes yesterday -- a last ditch effort before the torrential downpours hit. We'll see if some of them ripen indoors. Best...

sophie munns said...

Love beetroot Em!
Id be cheering if i grew those beauties... how did you cook them?

Busy of late too... life runs away some times ..have a good week.

Kerri said...

How did you cook the beets? Our daughter grew them and parsnips as well. She was advised to leave the parsnips in the ground until spring. Were yours sweet?
Love the colors in that beautiful sunset.
Lucky you to still have 4 tomatoes.
Our weather these past few days has been great for gardening - mild and sunny. It feels wonderful to breathe the warm air! I've been getting some fall garden chores done. How about you? Still have much to do? I haven't planted my bulbs yet.

Anonymous said...

Love the purpley sunset! Ours have been fabulous lately too. Do you ever make pickled beets? Yum!