Sunday, September 12, 2010


the osprey visited us again this year, though much later and more briefly. i was watching him and got lucky; he spread his wings for me...the potager is mellowing. recent produce is limited to tomatoes, chard, kale and....
butternut squash! what an easy and rewarding thing to grow. one only needs protect the ripe squash from the squirrels, as butternuts do no get vine borers. i had 4 plants yeild about 7 squash. (one plant developed blossom end rot.)


sophie munns said...

hello Em!
catching up after a week away. Must be lovely cooking from the gardens... my herbs are good but little else is happening at the moment. We are thinking with a bit of luck a good crop of avocados next year... last year they were fab... this year almost nothing!
great image of the Osprey... enjoy those lovely things still flowing from the garden... I guess you are tipping into autumn!
best Sophie

Kerri said...

Great Osprey pic. Wow! That's quite a wingspan! Wish we could see one of those.
Those are nice, fat squash. Our daughter's squash and pumpkins got powdery mildew, which killed them off (did I already tell you that?), but there are still some decent fruit that formed before the vines died. She brought us some buttercup squash...our favorite. Haven't cooked one yet though. Must!