Sunday, July 18, 2010


gf has really gone downhill, just like a tabloid. but look at the shameless display this butterfly put on for me! it completely obscures its helenium 'mardi gras' perch...obviously, the favorite libation is echinacea 'sundown'
can you hear? "nom, nom, nom..."
it let me get so close, i used the macro...
no dignity whatsoever... thanks for the show!
day lily 'bermuda queen'
lily 'scheherazade'
most of the peaches from the dwarf miller nurseries tree! quite tasty once they ripen, these are about the size of an apricot... i'm really glad i bought this little tree...
note to self: 6 japanese soyu cucumber plants are too many for my family! my neighbor is trying to make pickles from them... thanks...
typical daily harvest... note to self, too many beans this year also...
my tomatoes are about to ripen, how exciting after last year's blight. anyway, i took this seed pod photo for sophie munns and homage to the seed... it's a baptisia australis. these pods become like rattles once the seeds are mature. sohpie, do you have these in australia?


Gloria Freshley said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Em!! (I included a reference and link to them in my last post.) Thank you!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Love all the pictures, especilly the swallowtail. I'm so envious of your peach tree. Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

You go right ahead and flaunt those pretty butterflies, I always do the same! Yes, I see I am going to have to buy a brug from an online source. Thanks for the tip!

Gloria Freshley said...

Em, (never quite sure whether to respond to people's questions on my own blog or on their blogs! so I'm doing both!) The onions are Walla Walla Sweets. (Delicious!) They grow to 3 1/2"- 4 1/2" in diameter and they "keep" in the ground for quite awhile. We think the two that are blooming wintered over last season.

Sophie Munns said...

Oh...what delightful photos Em!
I have a friend who is very immersed in the habitat required by caterpillars and butterflys... and the whole ecosystem that supports them...its making me think more about them. Se says a lot of people squash caterpillars because they think they are such a pest. She suggests planting certain species that attract particular butterflies so that they nibble on those leaves exclusively and then stay around your garden.

More cards came in on friday more photos to take. I am definitely going to show these postcards again and have saved them .... hope to produce a booklet as well!
So if any one sends a card still I will be showing all of them again!

I had to take them down today... sadly... but they have attracted quite a strong response. One artist sat down and made a card on saturday after looking at them... she has a blog... so that will be posted soon!

I love this pod you photographed. Will have to ask about it... it is not remotely familiar for me!

Hope you are having a lovely summer Em...
Sophie was the first day in weeks i felt like i could go easier...but i still had to go pack up and back to finish tomorrow! All went very well though!

Kerri said...

Hi Em! It's lovely to catch up with you today. Your beautiful photos always blow me away!
I've seen lots of butterflies lately and a snapped a few pics of a hummingbird moth yesterday.
Your 2 lilies are glorious!
I'm loving mine at the moment.
Mmmm, those peaches look good! And the veggies too. I'd love some of those extra cukes and beans.
Because of our mixed up May our veggie garden got off to a slow start and there's not a lot in it.
Your potager is looking beautiful!!
The purples and gold finches are eating us out of house and home, but we don't mind. We love to have them around. I think they'd be in the sprinkler if we had one. It's been very hot up here too.
I had a friendly catbird last year but I suspect he became a kitty dinner, sad to say. I missed him calling to me when he was gone.
Sorry you've been under the weather and glad to know you're feeling better.
That swallowtail is so beautiful, and yes, I can hear it munching and licking it's lips :)
Fabulous photos!!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I have to tell you how much I admire those butterfly pictures! They're really beautiful.

Kathleen said...

Terrific photos of the Swallowtail. I haven't been successful at all this summer taking pictures of them. Your blog is really great ~ I am loving your vegetable garden. The design is fabulous.

Mike Huben said...

Baptisa australis is native to the USA. Australis means southern, of course, but must be referring to the southern US.

Perennial Plant Association selects Baptisia australis as the 2010 Perennial of the Year

miss m said...

Fabulous, fabulous pics, em ! Swallowtail, lilies, peaches - loving it all !

Just adore those baptisia rattles. Great entry !

Sophie Munns said...

Oh Em,

i was told what those seed pods were...did i email you..I ma a twit...I think i forgot!