Sunday, January 11, 2009


yesterday we had snow and ice. let's take a walk through the garden to explore.  first we see the harry lauder walking stick with the surviving glass ornaments... the mirror has gone from the inside of this one making it translucent...
the remaining blue ornaments echo the sky.
jasminium nudiflorum has just begun to bloom, but i found this little icicle more interesting than the flowers.
the grass garden...
a hydrangea snow ball...
luna looking sharp, but feeling blue, in her coat.
lespedeza with curling ice fronds.
broom in front of a sparkly background...
won't someone come sledding with me?
the north garden, which looks much better in winter than any other season!


tina said...

It sure is a lovely walk. Thanks for taking us along. Love the blue coat.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

This is the kind of walk that both Tara and I enjoy. What's that? Tara says that she wants to play with Luna now and is very envious of her pretty blue coat. ;-)

Kerri said...

How pretty your winter garden is!
You found some beautiful subjects to photograph, as always.
Luna looks lovely in her bright blue coat :) What a great photo!
I hope Jo Jo (sp?) got his wish :)
We're certainly having a wintery winter!! :)
Hope you're enjoying it (as much as possible), and keeping warm...for the most part.

em said...

hi tina, thanks for the comment! for some reason, luna likes this coat more than the others.

YE, come visit anytime! Come see NY and you could comment on our public gardens!

Kerri, we are keeping warm here, thank goodness heating oil is cheaper than it was this summer. thanks for the comments!