Wednesday, January 02, 2008

happy new year! for christmas, my hubs gave me a 60mm close-up lens! i am just learning to use it to the best effect. let me know if there are too many close-up photos. we visited family in the sf area, and the hotel has a garden with roses mightily resisting the uncharateristically cold (low 40 f) weather:

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Kerri said...

Ellen, I've been loving my tour through your posts. Your photos are wonderful, and the dogs are sooo sweet :) Snoopy too! What an adjustment for the poor kitty. Will you have him for long? All your bird and squirrel pics are such fun to see.
My husband surprised me with both a zoom lens and a macro last year (after he surprised me with the Rebel Xti). He's full of surprises :) I still have so much to learn about everything, but especially the macro. These pics are fabulous. Do you have any tips to pass on?
I sure would love to be able to chat about photography and pick your brain. Too bad we don't live closer :) What camera do you have?