Monday, July 17, 2006

my husband got home earlier than i did today and caught these deer lounging in our yard. there were two males and a female. when i got home i let my brave poodle out, and he chased them away. this doe is under the bald cypress near the cercis forest pansy. "hey, babe, i'm gonna try to score a latte from these nice people to go with these exotic hostas. i just love gf's garden!"
my neighbor bought me a deer repellent spray that she says works for now. i'll try it tomorrow. and, no, we didn't serve lattes to the deer.


Anonymous said...

The deer lying down looks fat. Perhaps from over indulgance of gf's fine plants?

em said...

perhaps, but i think she recently dropped a fawn, and is in milk, if she's the one i saw before. i haven't seen the fawn yet, but by the end of the summer i probably will start seeing them.

i didn't know she was hanging out with those young stags, who have been coming here for 2 years, i think.

Sue said...

Nervy things aren't they? Now tell me again why your whole neighborhood isn't enjoying venison for dinner at the block party tonight? Your town must be full of crazy people.


em said...

you're right, they are all crazy bambi lovers. not me.