Monday, May 22, 2006

redbud "forest pansy" highlighted by the sun today. nectaroscordium blooming in front of hosta and solomon's seal in the woodland garden. nectaroscordium are in the allium family, so the deer avoid them.
kalmia latifolia "pinwheel" about to explode into bloom!
(aka mountain laurel)


Anonymous said...

The forest pansy looks really pretty since all of the leaves span the spectrum from yellow to red.

The nectaro-whatevers are so soft in color and pendulous. I love ho weach flower ends in one line level across the bottom. They also completely match their background plantings.

The pinwheels really are ready to explode.

My favorite of the three pictures is the nectaro-whatevers. Well done garden fool! BTW - who calls you a fool?


Anonymous said...

sis, thanks for comments.

you know me, always self-deprecating. however, i am known to fall very hard for a pretty flower, even if that flower is not right for me.